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Of Guards And Thieves - Update 61.2
Aug. 8, 2014

Here the complete changelog for 61.2 update:

  • New gamemode : VIP escape (VIP)
  • New gamemode : Instagib (IG)
  • New Maps for IG and MB : VR Arena v2 & VR Arena v3
  • Zombie Rush: added arrow pointing the brain position (for survivor only)
  • Bug fix: missing level 17
  • Bug fix: minimum resolution on Steam game client.
  • Bug fix: wrong class respawn Bug fix: mixed gamemode bug

New gamemode: Instagib (IG)

In this mode, there are two teams (Red and Blue). The first team to get to 40 kills is the winner. There is a time limit of 5 min which means that if neither teams reached a kill count of 40, the higher scorer will win. Maximize your kill count while minimizing the kill count of the opposite team. Remember, every time you get killed, you are giving one point away to the opposite team and vice-versa!

In this game mode players are equipped with a single weapon, the Railgun. The Railgun is capable of inflicting massive damage in a single shot (up to 200 HP), but have a slow rate of fire.

Tips about IG

  • Kill all the moving things.
  • You are a Death machine.
  • You can kill your opponents with a single blow, but they can do the same with you.
  • Looking for cover between kills is always a good idea.
  • Remember, your weapon is deadly, but you must wait for it to cool down between shots.

VR Arena Maps

IG is playable on all maps but we have created special maps, with a symmetrical structure. The VR maps are set, as well as the name suggests, in a "virtual reality" environment. You can play this maps only in IG (Instagib) and MB (MadBall) game modes.

New gamemode: VIP escort (VIP) - 1st version

In VIP escort guards must escort the VIP alive up to the exit point, VIP is random chosen at the start of the game. Thieves Team have to kill to the VIP. Teams have 5 minutes to complete their goals. This mode is probably one of the most 'difficult, without an organized team is almost impossible to win.

Tips about VIP

  • Don't move alone.
  • Start a conflict only if necessary. Revealing your position too soon might put yourself in danger.
  • Be stealthy and move with caution!
  • Remain with the bodyguards as much as possible.
  • Do not engage the enemy directly. Usually, you can not compete against the thief firepower.
  • Remember, you need to escape alive, and yeah, VIP cannot respawn.

VIP Equipment

Why VIP - 1st version?

Because this is the first version of the VIP mode, in future updates the gameplay will be improved, making it more diverse and satisfying.

Before you can escape and win, VIP and her escort will have to solve a series of goals. These objectives will be chosen randomly at the beginning of the match from a list that includes things likes: - Hack and retrieve data files from PC - Recover important item or valuable information

As happens in GaT game mode, thieves do not know which goals must be completed before VIP can escape.

Gameplay flow example:

  1. Hack pc and retrieves the password of the safe
  2. Unlock the safe
  3. Recover important information from the safe
  4. Escape alive

What's next?

We are working on several things, including the first bunch of features for the huge game mode series:
  • Night and day cycle
  • Huge map
  • NPC (animals and zombies)
  • Deeper interaction with the environment

Next update announcement

Apart from the future "huge world" mode we are expanding the content of the actual game modes and the next update will include:

  • ZR - Runner and Heavy zombie class remake/improvement
  • ZR - 2 new zombie classes
  • 1 new Guard class
  • 1 new Thief class
  • New gadgets and weapons
  • 2 new Game Modes

Again, thanks all for the support and see you in game!

Of Guards And Thieves - Official WIKI
April 27, 2014

OGAT Official WIKI is now Available on gamepedia.com.

Update after update, OGAT is starting to have a good amount of content, so we decided to setup a WIKI full of precious informations, guides and news.

What can I find in the wiki?

The WIKI contains several sections, each dedicated to various aspects of the game.

Let's see an example of what you can find:

  • Weapons section, with detailed information about all weapons available, and news about the future ones
  • Gamemode section, Guides and descriptions of game modes, and yes... some big spoilers about the new gamemodes
  • Classes section
  • Development section
  • Gadget section
  • Equipment section
  • Levels and Experience Points section
  • Faction and Maps
  • ...and much more!

Class Biography

Wepons and Equipment

You will find a lot of information in this section, learning the details of each weapon will improve your performance in the game.

Detailed Information and Stats

Knowledge is the key to success, discover every single detail to master the item in the best possible way.

Visit the WIKI here: http://ogat.gamepedia.com

Of Guards And Thieves - Update 57.2
March 7, 2014


  • Slower speed of movement when going backward or strafing
  • Heavy weapons will slow down the players
  • New position for thieves targets in Cemetery map
  • Improved terrain detail and vegetation

Of Guards And Thieves - Update 57.1
Feb. 23, 2014

This time we're introducing crossbows and the Shadow class is the first to use them. You don't have a lot of arrows but they are deadly and silent, use them wisely!

Another big change is the "weapon precision system". Each weapon now have a different behaviour when shooting continuosly affecting the player ability to keep the aim straight. Pro-tip: single shots or shot bursts from an automatic weapon will always give you the best precision.

At last, we have now a second zombie class with a lot of HP but is slow. Also, the original zombie class is now faster.

Full changelog:

  • New crossbow weapon for Shadow class
  • Weapon precision system
  • Show door top in shadows is now optional
  • New zombie class: slow and with lots of HP
  • Increased level cap to 7

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