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You've found the place where we try to keep everyone up to date about game development progress and everything related to our little independent video game studio.

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OGAT Map Editor Preview
Oct. 20, 2015

Hi guys, finally we can show something about the upcoming Map Editor update. At the moment we are stress testing all the systems in private and a public release date depends on how many bugs/issues will come out during the next few days.

Creating the map editor took us lots of time and a huge amount of (re)work but we're sure that will be a really important addition to the game.

First update will include the Map Editor version 1.0, that includes these features:

  • Online map editing with friends
  • More than 250 unique objects (3D tiles)
  • 6 different layers
  • 41 different tilesets
  • Local map load/save
  • Limited gamemode compatibility (TDM/IG/gTDM/VIP/MadBall) (*other gamemodes will be added gradually with future updates)
  • 100x100 meters of editable space

Here's a quick video preview that shows how to quickly build a medium-sized building and vegetation.

Lots of objects

We converted pretty much all the assets used for the classic maps into "tiles" and the first Map Editor update will include more than 250 unique 3D tiles giving you the freedom to create maps with a lot of variety.

Are you ready to create? Stay tuned :)

GEARSCAPE - now on Steam Greenlight
July 27, 2015

Remember GEARSCAPE? Well, this was our main project before "Of Guards And Thieves" took over and by that time it was 80% complete.

Now it's time to unfreeze this project and finish it! If you're new around here, here's a brief description of the game.

Play as an intelligent gear and try to beat yourself in a frantic race full of obstacles.

Gearscape is an easy type of game to play but hard to master, challenge your friends all over the world and look the death counter growing up.

Bringing the old school games difficulty and mixing it with modern graphics, you're going to face 5 unique types of environments with more than 100 unique rooms full of traps, bombs, rotating saws and tricks.

Are you ready to test your skills and reflexes?

We need your help!

In order to being accepted on Steam store we need to gather enough upvotes. This is where we really need your help, if you like the game visit the Gearscape greenlight page and give us a big "thumb up" pressing the Yes button.

How about OGAT?!

Don't panic, Of Guards And Thieves development won't be affected. We are still working on it and we're sure you will like the new features that are going to be released mid August. Hint: lots of new maps soon! ;-)

Of Guards And Thieves - Sandbox Team Deathmatch and 1km map
May 24, 2015

Here's the complete changelog for version 70 update:

  • New Map: River City (1Km x 1Km) (40% Available)
  • New Gamemode: Sandbox TDM
  • New Reloading and Magazines system
  • Level cap upped to Level 30
  • Swimming capability
  • Networking improvements
  • New map loading system
  • Gold Dedicated Server (require Early Access account to join)
  • New 30/60 slot dedicated server for Sandbox TDM

New (huge) map: River City

River City is the new 1km x 1km map (only 40% available for now) where all the sandbox gamemode will take place. It features both city and natural environments, make sure to take a look at the map (Press M key to open it in-game).

Sandbox gamemode features

  • Day&Night cycle system
  • Inventory System
  • Pick Up/Use/Equip/Drop items features
  • Consumable items (food and medicine)
  • New Gadget: Chemlights
  • Drop items on death
  • Random items spawn
  • Random character spawn
  • 30/60 slot servers
  • Match duration: 30 minutes
  • Limited gear at spawn (you have to search for better weapons/ammo/medikit/gadgets)

Sandbox Team Deathmatch - gamemode description

In this mode, there are two teams (Red and Blue). The team with the highest score at the end of the match is the winner. Match duration is 30 minutes. Preserve your health and your ammo, scavange for new items and manage your inventory in the best way to win the game. Remember, every time you get killed, you are giving one point away to the opposite team and vice-versa! The match lasts 30 minutes in which the two teams will face each other to survive and win the game.

Full Day&Night cycle takes 15 minutes.


  • Open/Close Inventory: Q key
  • Item Interaction: Right Mouse Button
  • Flashlight: F key

Start equipment

  • 1 Zlock 18 with 2 Magazines
  • 1 Crowbar
  • 1 Bandage
  • Military Backpack (Max Weight: 25kg)
  • Hunter suit (90 HP)

New Gadget: Chemlights

Similar the Scout's Flare but with less range and more duration (60 seconds). Available in four different colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Green.

New weapon reloading and magazines system

In Classic gamemodes (GaT, DE, TDM etc.) non-Full magazine are now saved in the backpack when reloading and remain available for later use. Pressing R, the magazine with the largest amount of projectiles will be used. Empty magazines will be destroyed. (Classic gamemode only, in the sandbox gamemode empty magazine are stored in the backpack)

Thanks all for the support and see you in game!

Of Guards And Thieves - News about the upcoming 70.0 update
April 20, 2015

Hi guys, time to announce the next update, a huge upgrade for the game and this is why we skipped the last monthly update.

The 70.0 update is just the first step that will bring a huge expansion inside the world of "Of Guards and Thieves". We are talking about large maps, Sandbox gamemodes, better dedicated servers with up to 60 players, permanent world, inventory, crafting, resource harvesting, permadeath, survival stuff, roleplay gamemode, custom dedicated servers for gaming communities, vehicles, improved gadgets, weapons and characters abilities, clans, dynamic single player sandbox gamemode and lot of others stuff.

...one step at a time...

To do all this stuff we need to move one step at a time and the 70.0 update is the first move to accomplish these tasks. Basically the 70.0 update will bring some starting features that represent the core for the next expansions.

Upcoming changes in version 70.0

  • New Map (1km x 1km) - at least 1/3 playable area
  • Inventory System 1.0
  • Item interaction (pick up/drop/use item)*(drop item on death)
  • New items (medikit/food/other/magazine/others)
  • New Weapon reloading and magazine system
  • New Gamemode - sbTDM (Sandbox TDM up to 60 player slot)(*only for 1km x 1km map)
  • 30/60 minutes games on 1kmx1km map [*] Random spawn position for characters [*] Random spawn position for weapons/ammo/gadgets [*] Limited gear at spawn (you have to search for better weapons/ammo/medikit/gadgets) [*] Level cap moved to Level 30 [*] Vehicles system 1.0 (Cars only)

NOTE: stuff like "item drop on death", "limited spawn gear", "random item/character spawn", and the other notes, are referred to the incoming Sandbox gamemodes (Massive TDM - Survival and others) For obvious reasons these features will be not available in the standard gamemode (GaT, TDM, DE etc.) that will stay with the actual class system with dedicated equipment.

The next steps

After that we are going to improve and expand all the current features, and of course, adding also new content.

More informations and details will be given after the update release.

Official Teamspeak reminder

We are happy to announce that "Of Guards and Thieves" official Teamspeak server is now up and available to everyone.

To connect use this address: ts.ofguardsandthieves.com

You can find the Teamspeak rules HERE

If you need a private channel for your Clan/Friend Groups read HERE

More info soon! Stay tuned.

Thanks all for the support and see you in game!

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