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Of Guards And Thieves - Update 57.2
March 7, 2014


  • Slower speed of movement when going backward or strafing
  • Heavy weapons will slow down the players
  • New position for thieves targets in Cemetery map
  • Improved terrain detail and vegetation

Of Guards And Thieves - Update 57.1
Feb. 23, 2014

This time we're introducing crossbows and the Shadow class is the first to use them. You don't have a lot of arrows but they are deadly and silent, use them wisely!

Another big change is the "weapon precision system". Each weapon now have a different behaviour when shooting continuosly affecting the player ability to keep the aim straight. Pro-tip: single shots or shot bursts from an automatic weapon will always give you the best precision.

At last, we have now a second zombie class with a lot of HP but is slow. Also, the original zombie class is now faster.

Full changelog:

  • New crossbow weapon for Shadow class
  • Weapon precision system
  • Show door top in shadows is now optional
  • New zombie class: slow and with lots of HP
  • Increased level cap to 7

Of Guards And Thieves - Update 57.0
Feb. 6, 2014

Experience points and levels

This time we introduced experience points and levels for all user profiles. This feature will be used to unlock various classes, weapons and gadgets in a near future but since for now it's just in testing phase we capped the maximum level to 5. We will gradually rise the level cap in the following updates. At the moment the experience points you receive at the end of a match will be 150XP for victories and 80XP for defeat. This amount will vary a lot in the future based on how well you performed in the match and depending on how "balanced" a match really is.

Bigger window support

WIth the exception of the webplayer, we're working on making the game user interface better on bigger screens. Our plan is to support 1280x720 as the minimum playable resolution and I'm pretty sure is a "safe" resolution nowadays. We started with some changes in the server list and lobby window where the graphical elements are now less cramped and allow us to put some extra informations.

Bug fix: server freeze when a new player enter the match right before the start

We made some changes to prevent the unresponsive server stuck on "Waiting for other players..." message. This bug fix also solves various others bugs like "players in the wrong team" (guards that can steal) and "invisible players" :-D

Of Guards And Thieves - Update 56.2
Jan. 20, 2014

Lots of small changes this time! Let's see what's changed since the last update...

We have a new redesigned Class Selection window together with a handful of new weapons for both Guards and Thieves.

You might have noticed a new class: we started testing the medic! The medic class will be equipped with a Syringe (melee) and a Syringe gun (ranged) to cure his teammates...or enemies if you shoot the wrong person :D

Please note: the Medic class is still in development and will be available only to future premium accounts.

Another big change is the addition of "closed windows": it's winter and it's better to keep them closed! This means that thieves have to break them before enter, causing noise and alerting nearby guards. In Zombie Rush mode the windows are also reinforced with wooden barricades to keep zombies out of the buildings and help surivors to...ahem...survive ;-)

Closed window waiting to be smashed

We have also some minor changes, here's the full changelog:

  • Windows are now closed. Thieves have to break the glass before enter
  • Zombies have to break the barricade before enter
  • Added score in GaT gamemode
  • Big rebalance of all classes and weapons
  • Better weapon sounds
  • New weapons
  • Redesign of the class selection window
  • Bug fix: flashlight sometimes not turning on

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