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You've found the place where we try to keep everyone up to date about game development progress and everything related to our little independent video game studio.

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OGAT - Winter tileset pack is out
Dec. 18, 2015

Hi guys, Of Guards and Thieves update 74.24 is now available with a brand new "Winter Pack" for map editor.

Here's all the changes in this update:

Map Editor Winter Pack

  • 284 new "Winter" tiles (upping the total to 1113 available tiles)
  • 16 decorated plants with Christmas lights

New content and bug fixes

  • 3 Featured maps available for download
  • 4 new profile Avatar
  • FIX: Meat Zombie "Healing touch" now works correctly
  • FIX: Slow down movement for some players

Map Editor Winter Pack

Winter Pack map editor update contains 284 new winter themed tiles distributed on different tilesets.

  • Floors - 14 new winter tiles
  • Layout - 63 new winter tiles
  • Furniture - 59 new winter tiles
  • Ground Decoration - 138 new winter tiles

New Avatars

4 new profile Avatars available

Featured Maps available for download

We designed 3 new maps for gTDM/IG/MadBall game modes, you can download them following this link:

OF Squared TDM #1 - By Subvert Games

OF Snipe Training #1 - By Subvert Games

OF Winter War #1 - By Subvert Games

OGAT Map Editor is out!
Dec. 7, 2015

Hi guys, finally the Map Editor v.1 is available for everyone!

It took us a lot of time and a huge amount of work but it's a really important addition to the game that will give the players a potentially infinite map amount and a way to express your creativity.

Here the content list for the update 74

Map Editor 1.0

  • More than 800 unique placeable object
  • 6 different layer
  • 41 different tileset
  • Local loading/saving of maps
  • Online multiplayer map editing
  • Basic pixel painting feature
  • Limited gamemodes compatibility (TDM-IG-gTDM-VIP-MadBall) (the other gamemodes will be added gradually with new updates)
  • 100x100 meters of editable space

New content and bug fixes

  • New class for Zombies: Meat Zombie
  • Healing abilities for Meat Zombie
  • Meat Zombie Avatar
  • Level Cap upped to Level 40
  • Networking improvements
  • Bug fixes:
    • Second grenade now deal the correct amount of damage
  • Fat zombie rebalance
    • Fat Zombie HP: changed to 90 hp (was 80)
    • Puke Ability slow down power: changed to 0.6 (was 0.3)
    • Puke Ability launch force: changed to 10 (was 7)

Here's a quick video preview that shows how to create a medium size house and some outdoor vegetation.

Tons of unique assets

Map Editor assets are organized in LAYERS, TILESETS and TILES and feature more than 800 placeable objects. "Layers" works as main category selection tool, "tilesets" rapresent a further subdivision into a specific sets of objects, and "tiles" are the specific objects that you can place into the scene.

7 different layers for a total of 892 different tiles, subdivided in 53 tilesets.

  • Floors - 4 tilesets with 78 tiles
  • Layout - 14 tilesets with 297 tiles
  • Furniture - 17 tilesets with 236 tiles
  • Ground Decoration - 11 tilesets with 132 tiles
  • Lights - 3 tilesets with 38 tiles
  • Roof - 1 tilesets with 1 tiles
  • Gameplay - 3 tilesets with 48 tiles

Map Editor Guide

If you need in-deep information and guidelines about the Map Editor check the official guide here:

Map Creation

Map Creation, Saving and Loading

To create a new map click the "New Map" button available inside the gamemode selection screen as host.

Click "Host a new game" button.

Setup your game room name and options *(Keep in mind that if you don't put any password everyone will be able to join your room with editing permissions).

Select the "Map Editor" game mode.

Create a new map by clicking the "New Map" button, select the new "untitled map" and start the game.

Saving your custom maps

The map can be saved from the map editor gamemode in the dedicated "SETTINGS" section available in the top right corner of your screen.

Enter your map title and click the "SAVE" button to save the map in your hard drive.

NOTE: the map won't be saved automatically, you have to do it manually, be sure to save the map often.

Loading/Playing your custom maps

Your custom maps (with the wrench icon) are listed alongside the official maps in the gamemodes/maps selection screen, just choose the desidered map and launch the game.

Map sharing

We're building an integrated system to save maps in the cloud and share them but at the moment the only way to share a map is to do it manually. Right now every map is saved with an unique Map ID in this folder (Documents/Subvert Games/OGAT/maps).

Retrieve the desidered map ID inside the gamemodes/maps selection screen

Look for the map file with the correct map ID inside your (Documents/Subvert Games/OGAT/maps) folder.

Send the map file to your friends or feel free to publish it on our official community forum or Steam forum

IMPORTANT NOTE! Sharing your maps means that you're giving it entirely to another user, meaning that the new user will be able to edit and rename the map. If you are afraid about copyright and map stealing issues do not share your maps until the official sharing tool is released.

NOTE In a near future all the maps will be saved directly online on our servers, and there will be an in-game workshop that allow users to publish, share and rate maps.

Quit the Map Editor mode To close the Map Editor and return to the Lobby screen just click the "Quit" button in the SETTINGS tab.

REMINDER: Save the map before quitting the editor!!!

Map Building, Tools and Controls

Map Editor have 4 different main tool, each one has a precise use and features.

  • BUILD Tool - The core of the Editor, allow to place and delete objects using the tiles browser.
  • TEST Tool - This mode allow to quick test the map.
  • SETTINGS Tool - Contain different options and controls (map title/save/sun control/quit button)
  • SELECTION & EDIT Tool - (*not available yet) Will be used to setup interactive object ID's and stuff such lights colors/range/id, managing the link between lightswitches and lights, gamemodes objectives and more.

Online map editing

Map Editor allow you to create maps online with other players, basically you can chose between 3 different server settings.
  • Private server: Select a password during the game creation phase, doing this you can avoid griefers. Give the password to your friends if you want them to join in.
  • Open server with spectating mode: Open server without password. turn OFF the spectator autojoin option inside the lobby options area. With this setup other players can spectate your game without editing and chat permission.
  • Open server: Open server without password. Everyone can join your server with editing permission, be careful about griefers. If someone mess up your map just quit the editor without saving and change the server rules.

New Zombie Class: Meat Zombie!

The Meat Zombie is a support class equipped with 2 healing abilities and one melee attack.

Meat Zombie Stats

  • HP: 55
  • Movement Speed: 4.6 (forward) - 3.8 (backward)
  • Melee damage: 25 hp
  • Melee Attack Speed: 0.3 second
  • Melee healing (healing touch): +10 hp
  • (healing touch) speed: 0.45 second

Healing Spit

The Healing Spit ability creates a pool of curative blood that heals allies and enemies that pass through.

*The Healing Spit also affects your enemies, so use it with care!

  • Type: Area healing over time
  • Healing power: +10 hp per second
  • Additional effect: Hit/Explosion extra healing: +40 hp
  • Slow down power: 0.5
  • Radius: 3 meters
  • Duration: 7 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

New Avatar

Meat Zombie avatar is now available as custom profile image.

Level Cap upped to Level 40

OGAT Map Editor Preview
Oct. 20, 2015

Hi guys, finally we can show something about the upcoming Map Editor update. At the moment we are stress testing all the systems in private and a public release date depends on how many bugs/issues will come out during the next few days.

Creating the map editor took us lots of time and a huge amount of (re)work but we're sure that will be a really important addition to the game.

First update will include the Map Editor version 1.0, that includes these features:

  • Online map editing with friends
  • More than 250 unique objects (3D tiles)
  • 6 different layers
  • 41 different tilesets
  • Local map load/save
  • Limited gamemode compatibility (TDM/IG/gTDM/VIP/MadBall) (*other gamemodes will be added gradually with future updates)
  • 100x100 meters of editable space

Here's a quick video preview that shows how to quickly build a medium-sized building and vegetation.

Lots of objects

We converted pretty much all the assets used for the classic maps into "tiles" and the first Map Editor update will include more than 250 unique 3D tiles giving you the freedom to create maps with a lot of variety.

Are you ready to create? Stay tuned :)

GEARSCAPE - now on Steam Greenlight
July 27, 2015

Remember GEARSCAPE? Well, this was our main project before "Of Guards And Thieves" took over and by that time it was 80% complete.

Now it's time to unfreeze this project and finish it! If you're new around here, here's a brief description of the game.

Play as an intelligent gear and try to beat yourself in a frantic race full of obstacles.

Gearscape is an easy type of game to play but hard to master, challenge your friends all over the world and look the death counter growing up.

Bringing the old school games difficulty and mixing it with modern graphics, you're going to face 5 unique types of environments with more than 100 unique rooms full of traps, bombs, rotating saws and tricks.

Are you ready to test your skills and reflexes?

We need your help!

In order to being accepted on Steam store we need to gather enough upvotes. This is where we really need your help, if you like the game visit the Gearscape greenlight page and give us a big "thumb up" pressing the Yes button.

How about OGAT?!

Don't panic, Of Guards And Thieves development won't be affected. We are still working on it and we're sure you will like the new features that are going to be released mid August. Hint: lots of new maps soon! ;-)

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