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Of Guards And Thieves - Ludum Dare results
May 28, 2013

6th place!

So, the Ludum Dare voting period is over and...we managed to get the 6° place in the JAM, 4° place in the FUN category and other good results!

If you have not already done, take a look at all the winners in the Ludum Dare official page. We take the opportunity to thank all the people who have played and supported the game, small development teams really need the help of the comunity.

...and now?

At the moment we went on making some important improvements and bug fixes, we have also added some new features:

  • New animated characters
  • Improved Lobby management
  • Host can now kick a player
  • Password protected Server
  • Auto-Updater
  • Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements

And that's not all! More new content will be released in the coming days.

...and about the future?

We launched the game on Steam Greenlight a few days ago with nice results so if you like the game you can help us get on Steam too! Now we are working hard to add many new features, our goal is to offer a good and unique experience of multiplayer-stealth action, focusing on fun, teamwork and tactical movement.

Here's a hint of the features(*) that are going to insert in next updates:

  • New Maps
  • Class System
  • New weapons and Gadget System
  • New game modes

(*) You can read a more complete list of features in the forum

If you missed the game, take a look at the video...

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